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My work focuses on physically elusive topics such as dreams, memories, fluidity, fog, or attachment. I look for rules for supposed and accidental coincidences so that I can then break with them – finding peace of mind, harmony with the world.

The main body of my works is developed serially. For every serie I choose the ingredients very carefully, trough a long journey. The tools I use are always support the serie’s topic in both it’s material and visual aspects. This is what makes every each of them unique and complete.

It is important to me that photographs no longer appear as traditional planar surfaces, but also receive a visual representation as a tactile, spatial projection. My tools include reflections, layering, liquid emulsions, and spatial elements that often make up the central part of what is being said.

I love to collaborate with other artists! Even with entirely different skills. Maybe we see things differently, but this only adds to the value of the creative process.

You can download my portfolio in english HERE
Letölthető a portfólióm magyarul ITT