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35mm color film

About This Project

When I close my eyes and begin to sink into the endless calm that surrounds me before a dream, a colorful bright performance begins. Mostly red spots and movements dance around and around. These weird spots also have a name: phosphenes. I can practically see the light of my own eyes from within. My “photographs” are also depicted with my eyes closed. I’m like a firefly, my own light entertains. Technically, the atoms in my eyes are constantly emitting light particles that are transmitted by the optic nerve and it is up to my brain to decide whether or not they show the outside real world around me. Between two worlds, halfway, these are the last pictures. I visualize these, I look for them. At the end of each analog film, when the emulsion runs out, the last blurred images appear. It is no longer visible in every detail, the colors and shapes are washed away from ordinary life as watercolors.