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Self made kaleidoscope, digital print, lightbox

About This Project

I’ve been dreaming since I was about 6-7 years old, almost without exception every night. Although dreams slowly fade even after a day, I can remember months and even years later. I thought everyone was going trough this. However, this is not the case. Only one from every 20 people can remember. Maybe everyone has a hidden inner universe that you see back in your dreams, what you know as the palm of your hand. I have it too. I’m in the middle. I’ll tell what should move and where, and if the space is distorted, I’ll control where it ends. This is how my galaxy, my city is formed. In our personality lies the existence and changes of this fragile world. Through a selfbuilt kaleidoscope, I take control and build a dream world, from the real world around me. This technique deals with visual and spatial issues that shows how peculiarly refracted space is reflected by mirrors. How deformed can buildings become on only flat surfaces. Shows what new systems are formed or “built” from the projections. The fact that each image is unrepeatable and unique, provides answers to the fact that we truly live in a complex and precisely functioning process system. Everything is connected to everything, nothing is accidental.