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Self made kaleidoscope, digital print, lightbox Saját készítésű kaleidoszkóp, digital print, lightbox

geometricity 2
About This Project

Since I was at the age of 7-8, I’ve been able to remember my dreams every day, almost without exception. While some dreams fade after a day or so, I can recall many of them months or years after. I assumed everyone could as well. But turns out that’s not the case. From every 20 person, there is just only 2 who can do this. This made me begin to question, why was I able to remember my dreams while others couldn’t? So I made a series of these dreams, of well known buildings i see every night. With a special kaleidoscope. Searching the the language to express, whats in my mind, and what do my brain speaks while I’m sleeping.
Did you know, that memories of favourite locations have a special place in brain? It could be that hidden garden you like so much, or your family’s old house. A specific part of the brain seems to be responsible for learning and remembering the precise locations of places that are special to us. Place cells are neurons that help us map our surroundings, and we have such cells in the hippocampus – a brain region vital for learning, memory and navigation.